Community Association

Neumiller & Beardslee has represented hundreds of residential and commercial owners’ associations since the 1960s. The firm has drafted the governing documents for residential subdivisions containing tens of thousands of houses, townhomes and condominiums and documents for commercial condominiums, shopping centers and office and industrial subdivisions. These documents have included the documentation for some of the largest and most complex developments in the Central Valley which contain lakes, golf courses, waterway access, commercial elements and multiple owners’ associations. The work the Firm provides to owners’ associations includes the revision of governing documents to meet the requirements of the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act and other laws, as well as changes desired by owners’ associations to meet their changing needs such as lease and renter controls, and the revision of insurance and owner responsibility provisions. The Firm provides counsel to owners’ associations regarding regulatory issues such as the secondary mortgage market, housing discrimination, handicapped accessibility, meeting the requirements of the laws governing senior communities and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Firm provides advice to owners’ associations regarding insurance, assessment connection policies, common area use, enforcement policies, alternative dispute resolution, internal disciplinary procedures and the notice requirements required by law. The Firm advises owners’ associations in the area of employment law, service, and construction contracts and provides general litigation services for owners’ associations.