About Us

Neumiller & Beardslee traces its roots to the law firm of Ashley & Neumiller, formed on Jan. 1, 1903, by two Stockton lawyers, Arthur H. Ashley and Charles L. Neumiller, when Ashley’s term as San Joaquin County District Attorney came to an end. They rented five rooms across from the courthouse in the New Salz Building, facing Hunter Square, for a rent of $240 per year – payable in gold.

Neumiller became the attorney for Benjamin Holt, formed the Benjamin Holt Company, and was substantially involved with the affairs of the Holt Manufacturing Company. In 1910, the original partnership was ended by mutual consent. George A. Ditz joined the firm, became Charlie Neumiller’s partner in 1915, and the firm became Neumiller & Ditz. As Stockton continued to grow, Neumiller & Ditz was a part of many important events: litigation between the Holt Manufacturing Company and the Best Tractor Company that culminated with the formation of the Caterpillar Tractor Company, and bringing the Western Pacific Railroad to Stockton, ending the monopoly of the Southern Pacific Railroad in this area.

In 1930, Robert L. (“Bob”) Beardslee became associated with the firm, beginning his 69-year career with the firm. He became a partner in 1941, and the firm’s name changed again to Neumiller, Ditz and Beardslee. The firm became involved in numerous local public works projects, including the New Melones Dam, the Stockton East Water District water treatment plant, the Modesto Irrigation District water treatment plant, and the creation of the Altamont Commuter Express. The firm now represents a number of government entities, including cities, other public districts, and transportation agencies.

In the late 1960s, under the name Neumiller, Beardslee, Diehl, Siegert, Glahn, Shephard and Greene, the firm began to represent real estate developers in the areas of land development, subdivision development, and construction activities. The firm has worked with developers on hundreds of residential and commercial projects across the country, including local projects such as Lincoln Village West, Quail Lakes, Venetian Village and Venetian Bridges, Spanos Park East and Spanos Park West, Brookside Estates, and Mountain House.

The firm’s name was shortened to Neumiller & Beardslee in 1975 for convenience’s sake; in 1981, the firm was incorporated. Over the years, the firm has represented many individuals, businesses both small and large, professional groups, non-profit organizations, and government agencies of all types. Although the clients, the types of businesses represented, and areas of practice have changed over the years, the goal of Neumiller & Beardslee remains the same: to provide high quality legal services to its clients and the community.