Even in its very early years, the litigation department had a very distinguished reputation within the region. One of the firm’s first cases in the early 1900’s involved successful litigation that resulted in the establishment of the Caterpillar Tractor Company. Due to the level of sophistication and the quality of representation by attorneys in the department, our firm has worked with and opposed premier firms throughout California and the United States.

Attorneys in the litigation department have handled complex cases covering a kaleidoscope of issues, ranging from “mariculture,” the raising of abalone in concrete culverts in Monterey Bay, to successful completion of the New Melones Dam, to the acquisition of the site for the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center.

The firm’s litigation department focuses on business, agriculture, eminent domain, environmental compliance, finance, plaintiff’s personal injury, products liability, protection of trade names and secrets, real estate, and defense of alleged unlawful business practices. Because of the extensive issues that arise in litigation, attorneys in this area of law have gained expertise in all areas of the law.